How We Work


Our proven 6-step process starts with a visit to our beautiful showroom. Next, we set up a time to get to know you, your home and your remodeling goals a little better. After that, it’s off to the drawing board and CAD system for preliminary designs. Once the ideal design has been determined we finalize the details and plans. Almost there…next, we bring your plans to life with our flow chart based installation system. Celebration! Your new kitchen or bath is ready for you to enjoy!

1: Visit Our Beautiful Showroom

This first meeting is your chance to get to know us and our work and experience the quality brands and products we offer.

2: Getting To Know You

This is our opportunity to get to know you and see your space firsthand before we begin planning together.

3: Broad Strokes

Once we have seen your space and listened to your needs, we are ready to put the broad strokes on paper and develop preliminary concepts.

4: The Finishing Details

Now we fill in the rest of the special details that make your new kitchen fabulous!

5: Bringing Your Plans To Life

Bringing your plans to life is our passion…It is what makes this job exciting!

6: Celebration

A completed kitchen, bath, or other remodeling project is truly something to celebrate. Now relax and enjoy the lifestyle created by your new space.

“We are extremely happy with the design; Colors, light fixtures, handles, and most of all the layout of our beautiful new kitchen. We have so much more room without adding on. Ronnie created perfect cabinet spaces, and amazingly a thought for every kitchen need. For example, a knife drawer, deep big cooking pan drawers, and pull out cutting drawer. Thank you, Ronni!”
– Terry L., Camarillo